Monday, March 26, 2012

My Bucket List(:

Zarah’s Bucket List

1.   Get my cosmetology license
2.   Become a hairstylist for celebs
3.   Travel the world
4.   Adopt a newborn boy from Haiti
5.   Take a bike tour through Wine Country
6.   Participate in a fishing tournament
7.   Learn to ski
8.   Carry on a conversation in Mandarin
9.   Major in Insurance
   10. Minor in Business
   11. Open my own salon
   12. Become a vegetarian
   13. Go white water rafting
   14. Go island hoping in the Caribbean
   15. Oktoberfest in Germany
   16. Day of the Dead in Mexico
   17. Maintain a positive attitude
   18. Kick out negative habits
   19. Discover life purpose
   20. Study religion
   22. Not care so much
   23. Become a billionaire and give back
   24. Get married in a vineyard, reception on beach
   25. Have a large family
   26. Own my dream home
   27. Have trust funds for my children
   28. Write a book
  29. Raise a happy healthy family
  30. Renew wedding vows after 10 years
  31. Find inner peace
  32. Mediate everyday for 20 minutes for 365 days
  33. Go to Times Square for New Years
  34. Write down 5 things that you're grateful for every day, for a year
  35. Practice Lent
  36. Go hot air ballooning
  37. Try veganism
  38. Go on a romantic getaway
  39. Donate bone marrow
  40. Be in a over night star in a Hollywood movie
  41. Go to a nude beach in Europe
  42. Learn to: Salsa, Tango, Samba
  43. Walk the Great Wall of China
  44. Learn to grow hydroponics
  45. Inspire others
  46. Give someone happiness
  47. Zero Debt ^^Billionaire (:
  48. Create my own charity
 49. Become physically fit to run a 5k
 50. Live a happy purposefully life